General Terms and Conditions (valid from November 1st, 2019)


These General Terms and Conditions apply in the relationship between persons or organizations, which use the agency services of Jupiter Advisory AG as the operator of the website and owner of the brand FirstFlorida Traumvillen, and Jupiter Advisory AG. We recommend that you carefully read the following terms and conditions.

1. Contract

With your written (including e-mail) booking you conclude a contract with the owner of the booked accommodation or the house management commissioned by him. Jupiter Advisory AG acts merely as an intermediary.
The booking confirmation you receive directly from the respective homeowner or its property management. At this all payments are to be made. Jupiter Advisory AG is not authorized to accept payments from customers.

2. Prices

Unless otherwise stated, the prices published on /.com per person per day are to be understood as the entire rental property in the corresponding price period. The published prices are
valid until the update of the website. Not included in the rent is a fee for the house for incidental electricity costs. Unused fees will be refunded. Sales and tourist taxis are included in the prices. Arrival and departure
are each subject to availability freely selectable.

3. Additional Cost

The cost for water and waste disposal incurred during the rental period, are part of the rental price. Energy and telephone costs are, unless otherwise published, not included in the rent and will be charged with the
deposit. The energy costs correspond to the local tariff plus tax.

4. Payments

The rental amount for the booked rental property must be paid before the start of the rental period to the respective owner of the booked accommodation or the property manager commissioned by the owner 
by bank transfer, according to the published terms of payment in the respective currency.

5. Cancellation

The cancellation periods and the applicable cancellation fees are individually indicated on for the booked property.
Decisive is the arrival of your notice with the respective sender of the booking confirmation (owner or the property manager) or with Jupiter Advisory AG (on Sundays and public holidays the next working day
is decisive). In case of a no show or delayed check-in at the property, the entire invoice amount remains due. We recommend that you take out a travel cancellation insurance at the same time as you book.

6. Price Changes

All property descritions and price calculations have been made with care. Nevertheless, we can not completely exclude service and / or price changes. These will be communicated with your booking 
confirmation. The information on the booking confirmation is valid. Changes in performance after the conclusion of the contract are unlikely, but can not be completely ruled out. If there is a material deviation
from the booking confirmation, you have the right to withdraw from the contract, free of charge, within five days of receiving the notification. Payments already made shalll be refunded. Price changes up to
20 days prior to the start of the rental period are expressly reserved for the following reasons: increase or introduction of duties and taxes on certain services. If a price increase is more than 10%, you are
entitled to the rights under the preceding paragraph.

7. Documents and Extention

After full final payment and at the earliest four weeks prior to departure, you will receive from the owner or his property management the corresponding house documents for the booked rental property. 
If you wish to extend the stay, please contact the owner or the property manager as early as possible.

8. Security Deposit

Unless otherwise stated, the respective owner or his caretaker shall charge a security deposit for the booked property to cover the costs incurred, such as electricity or telephone charges and any damage. 
If a boat is included in the rental price, a security deposit will be required to cover the cost of SeaTow insurance and any damage. The deposit is part of the contract and will be deposited as part of the
total payment. The billing of the deposit is usually promptly and is settled directly between tenant and homeowner or his caretaker. Jupiter Advisory AG is not responsible for the bail settlement.

9. Occupancy

The rental property may only be occupied by the intended number of persons (children and infants included). Additional persons may be rejected by the property manager or charged separately. A right to 
use the rental property for lease to third parties is excluded. If the renter subsequently plans to provide the leased property to third parties or guests in part or in full, consent must first be obtained from
the property management on site, possibly with the involvement of Jupiter Advisory AG. The homeowner / property manager is in this case entitled to adjust the rental prices accordingly and to settle the
incremental cost with the deposit. Unauthorized admission of further persons for the respective rental property entitles to the termination without notice of the rental contract for remaining rental days.

10. Check-in/Check-out

The rented property can usually be taken over from the beginning of the rental period from 16.00 local time. On the day of departure at the latest by 10.00, it is to be returned to the local property 
management. Other arrival / departure dates must be agreed in writing. In case the rental property is not returned timely and/or properly, the tenant is obliged to assume the resulting damage.
The amount of damage will be communicated to the renter and charged to the security deposit, provided that the amount is sufficient.

11. Pets

Pets are generally not allowed to the rental properties. Exceptions are possible if expressly stated in the booking confirmation.

12. Obligations of the Tenant

The rental property is to be used carefully. The cleaning of kitchen equipment, crockery and cutlery is the responsibility of the renter (and not included in the final cleaning). The renter is liable for 
any damage caused by him or the co-users. If the lessee or co-user causes damage, it must be reported immediately to the property management on site. The owner / property manager is entitled
to remedy any damage caused by the tenant without further notice and to offset the costs thereof with the deposit. If the cost of repairing the damage exceeds the amount of the charges, the renter
is obliged to settle the outstanding balance immediately.
The renter is allowed to use the sanitary facilities and the kitchen area in a cabin boat. Condition is that kitchen and sanitary area must be thoroughly cleaned prior to return. The toilet must be 
disinfected and the waste water tank must be pumped out. If this work is not done, a cleaning fee of up to $ 300 will be charged.

13. Complaints, liquidated damages

Should the tenant find the rental property not in a condition as contractuyll agreed upon, this must be reported immediately to the owner or the local property management. Otherwise, the renter is 
obliged to prove that damage or defects have not been caused by him. All protocols must be completed and kept. The lessee acknowledges that the rental property is considered a holiday home and
is used by different people and accordingly may have higher levels of wear and tear. Minor defects that affect the described use of the rental property only insignificantly (low pollution, short power
interruptions, failure of the water supply, defect of technical equipment, etc.) do not entitle to rent reductions or even damages. If there is no immediate notification of any noticed defects, the rental
property is assumed to be in proper condition as agreed upon. If the defects occur during the rental period, the same rules apply.

14. Liability of Jupiter Advisory AG

If the rental property is demonstrably not in conformity with the contract in its essential aspects, Jupiter Advisory AG will contact the owner / property manager after the appropriate notification by 
the tenant and will endeavor to ensure that the contract is complied with in a timely manner or to provide you with an equivalent replacement property. If this effort is unsuccessful or if the lessee
rejects this for objectively important reasons, the lessee may assert a claim for compensation only against the owner or his property management company as his contractual partner.
Should the lessee incur damage as a result of culpably caused breach of duty by Jupiter Advisory AG, then Jupiter Advisory AG is responsible. Legal liability for damage other than personal injury
(such as property damage and financial loss) is in any case limited to the rental price (with the claims of all persons involved added together). Should Jupiter Advisory AG's services be subject to
international treaties or national laws that further restrict or exclude liability, these agreements or laws shall apply. If the damage is due to the following causes, Jupiter Advisory AG is not liable:
  • Acts or omissions on your part or a co-user
  • unpredictable or unavoidable negligence of third parties not involved in the provision of the contractual services
  • force majeure or events which Jupiter Advisory AG, the homeowner or auxiliary persons (for example, property management) could not foresee or ward off, such as noise emissions, construction works, vermin, etc., despite all due diligence
  • Use of swimming pools, children's playgrounds, sports facilities of all kinds (such as tennis courts, football fields, training facilities). The use of these facilities is at your own risk
  •  Damage and losses due to burglary
  • All of Jupiter Advisory AG's offerings include villas that are not located in tourist resorts or tourist-only towns. The villas are located in very good residential areas that are used by Americans
    and also by Europeans as their main or secondary residence. It is possible that houses will be built or renovated in the immediate vicinity of the rental properties offered. The resulting
    construction activities and their noise emissions do not entitle to a legal claim for a rent reduction or other deduction. These are normal operations that may occur in a residential area and
    are expressly and unconditionally accepted upon conclusion of the lease.
For non-contractual liability, these provisions apply analogously. The liability for auxiliary persons is expressly excluded. International treaties and national laws with more extensive limitations or 
exclusions apply.

15. Final Provisions

These terms and conditions are exclusively subject to German law. The place of jurisdiction is Leverkusen. Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be or become invalid or void 
due to amendments to the law, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.